Technicolor Jasmine Stitch Scarf

Star Scarf 1

This is probably the most insanely plush scarf I’ve ever made.

I truly cannot stop burying my face in this scarf. It’s so soft and squishy! And it’s all thanks to the flower-shaped stitch. I started out with amigurumi and toys, so the single crochet stitch is my constant companion, but on occasion I like to get a little wild and try something very different. I wanted something bold and simple that would showcase this rainbow yarn (another beneficiary of my ‘start something with old forgotten yarn’ rule), and this was definitely the way to go.

This stitch is called the jasmine stitch, and I watched several videos on YouTube to learn it. If you search for “jasmine stitch crochet” there are a ton of great options! The stitch pattern is easy to memorize once you get it down: it’s basically three puff stitches in different spots all joined together.

Star Scarf 2

You can vary the number of loops and the height of each puff to change the level of poofiness (the highly scientific term for this unit of measurement) in the resulting stitches. This is a good tutorial on youtube to get you started. Follow the tutorial to make a starting chain of puffs, then the basic stitch pattern is as follows:

Jasmine Stitch Pattern

Puff – draw out the loop on your hook to your desired length. YO, insert hook in stitch, draw up another loop of desired length. Repeat 2 more times.

You’ll start each row with one puff all on its own. For that first puff, skip to steps 4-6 to close it off. From there:

  1. Ch. 1, then work 1 puff in the back loop of the chain.
  2. Work 1 puff in the center of the previous row’s flower (right below your 1st puff)
  3. Work 1 puff in the center of the next previous row’s flower (to the left of the last one).
  4. YO and pull through ALL loops on the hook.
  5. Insert your hook in the loop that you just pulled through (this is a little tricky – check out the video tutorial!) and draw up a loop.
  6. YO and pull through both loops on the hook.

The jasmine stitch is surprisingly easy to master and works up quickly because of its bulk! Have you tried it before? Do you want to? Let me know in the comments!

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