Making Plarn for Earth Day!

earth day globe 1

Happy Earth Day! If you, too, are stuck at home with a pile of grocery store plastic bags that you don’t want to throw away, why not trying turning them into plarn? This plastic yarn option for recycling is easy and requires little to no thought, so it’s a great TV project.


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New Pattern: Twymans Mill Shawl

Twymans Mill 1

This wrap is named after my grandparents’ former home, Twymans Mill, and the design is inspired by the angular lines on old millstones.


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Free Pattern: Koala Pouch

koala pouch 1

Using the construction method from the froggy pouch pattern and some different embellishments, you can make this adorable koala zippered pouch!


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New Pattern: Nicholson Hollow Wrap

Nicholson Hollow

This wrap is inspired by beautiful white oak baskets handcrafted by the locals many years ago in the Shenandoah Valley, and an homage to my grandparents, who instilled in me an appreciation for craft and creativity.


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Happy 2019! (& Bonus Hat Pattern)

new year cloche 1

Let’s talk about (probably soon-to-be-abandoned) plans for the new year!


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