2 New Zodiac Amigurumi Patterns

Dragon and pig

You can find two new zodiac amigurumi patterns in my Etsy shop: the pig, the 12th animal in the Chinese Zodiac, and the dragon, the 5th animal in the Chinese Zodiac! Click more to learn more about these cuddly critters.

Back in 2012 when I learned to crochet, after I made a couple of amigurumi I wanted to try making my own design. I wasn’t sure where to start, but I really loved the graphic novel series Fruits Basket when I was growing up, and I had always wanted some kind of zodiac animal set. All twelve of these guys were made in under a month! I was definitely on a roll haha. I wrote down the patterns as I went, but never really typed them up. Slowly but surely over the last five years I’ve been writing them up and adding them to my Etsy shop. And you can find the patterns for these 2 cuties in the shop today!

Pig Angles


This zodiac pig features a sweet face with a round snout, and floppy piggy ears. He also has an adorable curly tail. Find his pattern on Etsy here. Or you can find it on Ravelry here.

The pig (or boar) is the 12th animal in the Chinese Zodiac. Supposedly people born in the year of the pig are kind, generous, and calm. This little pig is very generous–as you can see, he’s sharing his toy globe with his friend, the dragon. 😉

Dragon Angles


This playful dragon has horns and spikes around her ears, cute, uniquely-constructed wings, and a row of spikes all the way down her back and tail. Find her pattern on Etsy here. Or you can find it on Ravelry here.

She may look fierce, but she’s really just loyal and protective. Traits for those born in the year of the dragon include confidence, bravery, and tenacity. You can make this dragon without or without wings, and you could even add extra spikes for extra toughness!

The Zodiac amigurumi patterns

There are four more zodiac animals who aren’t yet available in my Etsy shop. I’ll be finishing them up in the next month and adding them to my shop, along with a special discount offer for the whole set! You can find the rest of the patterns here or by clicking the “Shop” button in the header.

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